S.A.D. Concluded 2017, Now What?

Hello there, good to have you.

Now that we are almost 24 hrs. into it, how has 2018 been treating you so far?

Me? I recently took a 7-days long leave of absence — Dec. 24th – Dec. 31st — from all forms of social media, and more-or-less the Internet. It certainly wasn’t an easy decision, especially when my S.A.D. kicked in and I found myself heading down the rabbit-hole of rumination, and became tempted to seek any and all distractions from the smoldering anguish.

The funny thing is I started to notice where some of my thoughts were headed a few days prior to taking said break. It was all rather minor at first, and then everything took off once my school’s winter break started and I truly had time for myself.


As a result, I probably spent 3 – 4 days conducting one-person dialogues — at times out loud when nobody else was around — while being my own counselor and therapist. Maybe I should rephrase what I said earlier: I recently took a 7-days long leave of absence from anything resembling normal human life. (more…)