#BellLetsTalk? Well, Let’s Talk

Hello there,

I haven’t been here in a little while, how have you been?

Seasonal depression naps have been taking over my life, and if I don’t regain some semblance of control, I would run the risk of ruining the rest of this semester – and essentially the program – due to pure lack of productivity. I’m not even joking here.

It also means this is possibly the closest you would get from me in terms of me writing as someone in an episode of depression. I say “closest” because: 1. S.A.D. is mild in comparison; 2. this writing is somewhat constrained, as I have no desire to turn this blog into a real-time therapy session that’s disguised as a diary.

A few days ago – Jan. 31st – was the Bell Let’s Talk Day, an annual mental health awareness day in Canada that has been going on for the past 7 years. Any post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk would result (more…)

Mental-Health & Tech.: Social Media & Depression, Pt. II

Hello there, good to have you.

I hope you have been well.

Today, I continue where I left off last time: for introverts suffering from mental illnesses, including major depression, the use of social media can easily exacerbate a lot of the symptoms. Remember how I contended that your self-awareness is heightened when you are stuck in an episode of major depression? I made the assertion based on personal experience, as well as conversations I’ve had with others as a mental-health support line volunteer.

In general, introverts are renowned for having our heads ‘in the clouds’, this tendency gets amplified when depression comes into the picture: rumination is a key component of depression. The ills of rumination is something those who struggle with chronic anxiety can relate to, then again, diagnoses of anxiety and depression are positively correlated. Spending time on social media, for most intents and purposes, worsens rumination, which in turn… Well, I’ll let you finish the sentence there.


Mental-Health & Tech.: Social Media & Depression, Pt. I

Hello there,

How have you been?

How are you currently feeling?

I originally thought I would cover the topic of mental-health & modern technology in one post (I was probably being a little too ambitious there), but decided to make it a series instead, even as I sit here contemplating just how emotionally vulnerable I should render myself.

As an introvert and an only-child, spending time with my thoughts has gone from a survival necessity to something akin to a specialty. It has benefits and disadvantages: I am almost never bored*, but when an episode of depression hits, I can feel my life slipping away from me.

In slow motion.