IMG_4260Hello there,

My name is Ran, and I’m glad you are here. As you may have noticed, the name of the blog is a play on both my first name and how I intend to utilize the blog itself (hint: it will be personal, with little pretense, and arguably a heavy dose of wit). Writing allows me to be creative and introspective, and I hope this blog serves as a small vessel between my world and yours.

As a hip-hop head and music lover in general, I may sprinkle meaningful lyrics to help set the vibe every now and then. I may also use quite a number of sports- and pop culture-based analogies and references to help with my storytelling.

Oh, I also hold a B.A. in Psychology from Ryerson University, and am currently enrolled in the Corporate Communications post-graduate program at Seneca College. As such, I try to minimize my mind-reading prowess, because I have been spending a lot more time honing my tweet-writing skills.

Lastly, you may connect with me further through any of my social media profiles that are listed near the top of the page, because… why not? =)